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Discover the Healthy Pet Challenge

Discover the Healthy Pet Challenge

Start the Challenge Today!

Place our sample next to your regular food at meal time and see which one your pet prefers.

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If your pet is like most, they’ll choose Life’s Abundance – because they instinctively know which food is best.

Take a 30 second video of the Challenge.

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Text the video back to your Challenge Representative

Place your order of Life’s Abundance now so you can start the transition.

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The True Cost of Pet Food

It's Cheaper Than You Think

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Pet Food Calculator


All Stage Grain Free Dog Food
Kcal/kg: 3884
Kcal/cup: 501
Bag Sizes
7.5lb: $20.11
18lb: $41.11
36lb: $81.16

All Stage Dog Food
Kcal/kg: 3706
Kcal/cup: 458
Bag Sizes
8lb: $18.03
20lb: $39.00
40lb: $77.28

Small Breed Puppy Food
Kcal/kg: 3,865
Kcal/cup: 469
Bag Sizes
6.6lb: $18.21
17.6lb: $42.43

Large Breed Puppy Food
Kcal/kg: 3,700
Kcal/cup: 407
Bag Sizes
6.6lb: $18.15
17.6lb: $42.26
35.3lb: $83.88

Weight Loss Dog Food
Kcal/kg: 3,439
Kcal/cup: 330
Bag Sizes
6.6lb: $19.41
17.6lb: $45.34
35.3lb: $84.61

All Stage Grain Free Cat Food
Kcal/kg: 3,961
Kcal/cup: 519
Bag Sizes
6lb: $21.23
15lb: $49.66

All Stage Cat Food
Kcal/kg: 4,023
Kcal/cup: 486
Bag Sizes
6.6lb: $18.70
15.5lb: $43.90


Life's Abundance Results

per day
Represents 4oz. cups

Your Brand Results

per day
Represents 4oz. cups

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No. Although we Challenge you to do this with Life's Abundance, it's not the best way of determining a good food. Remember, most pets will eat sticks, grass, and even their own waste! This is why we encourage you to do your homework on what you purchase.

Today. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they run out of their current food before they use the sample but it's best to have plenty of your old food on hand so you can make a gradual switch.

Use the remainder of your Life’s Abundance sample and start making a gradual switch away from your pet’s old food. Place an order for Life’s Abundance so you can make a full transition. Don't worry about finishing your old food. Your pet’s health and happiness are worth the switch.

Most pets instantly love the freshness and meatiness of our foods but if your pet doesn't respond quite as fast, we recommend giving it another try later. Some pets don't respond quickly to change. But remember, you're the parent. Sometimes mom and dad know best!

We've made ordering super simple. Either get back to the person who shared the sample with you, or click the Buy Now button below to place your order online.

This is usually caused by changing foods too quickly. The fiber source of Life's Abundance may be different from your old food. For this reason we recommend a gradual switch to Life's Abundance over a period of 5 days.

Life's Abundance offers a variety of food, treats, supplements, and pet care products. Just browse the website or ask your sales rep for a catalog. It's a great idea to compliment our food with our healthful treats.

No. Life's Abundance costs about  $2 per lb for dogs and about $2.50 per lb for cats, depending on the bag size. Pet Store brands usually cost more than that. Grocery store brands may cost less, but contain fillers causing you to feed twice as much.

Take a look at our Cost Calculator to see the actual cost. In most cases, it's less than a cup of coffee.

Amazingly cheap. We can ship almost any size order for $8.85 and have it to most homes within 2 business days. Go ahead, fill your shopping cart with everything you need and see for yourself.

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